This site has stuff that these sites don't have. Therefore, these sites have stuff that this site doesn't have that these sites have. That this site doesn't have. Um.. yes.

And now for something completely different:
Grant! AHH! EEEEE! EIEIEIE! WHEEE! Ahem. Yes. Designed by Bill Bonk.
Bill Bonk's website. Load it up. It's a party.
Phil Parlapiano. Fridge of Fame is really cool.
The WB Grant Lee Buffalo site. Not updated anymore.

This site is like a party that CD-Now ads are invited to. It kicks this page's ass. Assuming this page has an ass.

Arousing Thunder
Discography and Tabulature. Mmm. Tabulature.

Buffalo Moon
This page is from back in the day. Lots of yummy pictures. Yummy. Twitch.

This site has a good "historical reference" section. But I don't think it's updated anymore.

The Hook
This site crashes my computer; therefore, it is very high tech.

GLB Multimedia web page
Yet another festive high-tech Shockwave thing that crashes my computer. Whee.

Skullduggery: A Shiva Burlesque site
This site is for Shiva Burlesque, the band Grant, Joey, and Paul belonged to before GLB. This one does not crash my computer.

Eenie Meenie
The band fronted by Denise Siegel, Grant's wife.  Grant produced some of their tracks. I own a Eenie Meenie record, but I don't have a record player. I'm sure it would crash my computer.

The GLB mailing list. The people on it are very nice.