no no not my face
Dear Internet 2006 August, do you remember me? It is Hilary! I have been busy with school and work, but I did take a break this summer to see the good Grant-Lee on tour. I took pictures, and was about to upload them, when I noticed A FRAMESET? Like, what is this, 1998 or something? LIKE EW, gag me with a FONT tag. Don't expect major updates other than pictures and videos and setlists, because other than that, I don't have much to add. Except for OH MY GOD GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS!!!!!! I <3 U DO U NEED ANY SOCKS OR PERHAPS SOME CAT FOOD??? I MADE U A PLATTER FULL OF BARBIE UNDERWEAR AND SPAM CANS!!!!!! Etc.

There is a new Setlists section!
You can find the Chicago setlists there for August 1 and 2, 2006, and September 11, 2000, care of the good Suz Phillips.

Check out the Pictures section! The following have been recently added:
  • Grant on Extra!(tm) August 5, 2006
  • Concert pictures August 1, 2006
  • Concert pictures August 2, 2006

I almost forgot the Videos section! I will have to monitor this to make sure it is not whoring up my bandwidth a whole lot, or I am being sued, or something; but, until then, have at it.

I will give credit right to whoever (whomever? whatever.) took the picture that I am using as a background. I searched broken harddrives far and wide for the raunchiest picture of GLP I could find.