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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 19)

They turned back into Olde Lenoxe, saddened by the close of the adventure drawing near. Spam pulled into Martyn's house. Even Martyn's Cult balloon was saddened, drawn into a corner of Spam's Motor Carriage, as if to say "Please. I'll be good! Just continue the adventure." But sadly, they could not. Martyn pulled the balloon and his Magic Picture Box out of the car, and headed towards his house. Spam's Motor Carriage pulled away into the night...

Now it's time for you children to get to bed. Now scram!

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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 18)

However, there was one small adventure left. Martyn and Spam took a gigantic pile of travel magazines to use in fun along the way back. The pile of magazines pre-fun are seen here. Martyn rolled down the window, and the magazines flew out in a big orgy of "WHOOSH." And it was good for both Spam and Martyn.

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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 17)

When the Check was brought, Martyn left a tip. A 66% tip, as the total was around $3. So it was two dollars. And a penny. And a battery. And a salt shaker and a pepper shaker. With an equal packet. And some sugar sprinkled on top. Of course, this was an ARTSY tip. Anyone would like to get a tip, but an ARTSY tip must be even better. The beginning of the tip is on the left, and the end result is on the right. ARTSY. And the money in the back round is the check, not the tip, stupid children. Um. Then Spam and Martyn had to leave, officially bringing the number of the party down to two. The adventure was drawing to a close.


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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 16)

And then some people sat behind Spam and Martyn, and they were stupid. So Spam decided to take their pictures. I think one of them may have been L**r*n S*mps*n. You know. Too bad it was blurry. *Cries* Um. And then Gretchen visited, but she looked sad, as she was at work. Then Martyn and Spam decided to leave.

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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 15)

Perhaps you children are wondering, "Well, why didn't Spam or Martyn take a picture of Gretchen's ASS?" Well, in fact, they did. After she brought Martyn and Spam their stuff.

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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 6)

Then there were morons at the table diagonal from them. And when Gretchen forgot to take their menus up, some guy who Spam thought dressed like a penis picked them up and said loudly "MAYBE I SHOULD BE THE ONE GETTING THE TIP." I believe he is the one on the far left of the left hand picture. Spam decided it was required to take a picture of them. Oooh. And then the girl dropped her water all over herself. BITCH. And I took a picture. And it was blurry, as I took the picture quickly. But now that moment lives forever in "INTER NET" smearing history.


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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 13)

And then they went to Denny's. And Martyn and Spam were baffled. So they sat down. And some waiter tried to get them. Hah, little did he know that Gretchen had a death laser. And Martyn ordered a Big Water and Spam ordered a Butterfinger Blizzardy Shake Thing. And then they took pictures. And yes.


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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 12)

And so they arrived back at Spam's Forest Cottage. And then Gretchen left the group and hopped in her car, as she had to work at Denny's that night. And then Spam and Martyn followed in Spam's Motor Carriage. Of course Gretchen drove as drunkly as possible. HAH. Time to get a watch!

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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 11)

So Spam once again managed to pull up to the truck. And Martyn rolled down the window and took a clear picture, again shown in normal and Zoomed In mode. This time, the guy got annoyed. Because even though Jesus says to turn the other cheek, Pastor Robb says to kill all of those who you do not approve of. So he cut Spam off. And Spam started giggling. And Martyn and Gretchen joined in. And then Spam'n'Gretchen'n'Martyn turned into the Ice Cream Place Which Does Not Approve of Menorahs, because they wanted to go there. But then the red truck turned into the next opening, which also led to the Ice Cream Place. So Spam tried to quickly turned the car around and headed towards the road to leave the Ice Cream Place. But the red truck attempted to block them in. And the moronic guy decided only to yell at Martyn, because he was the only guy in the truck. Because he was stupid. Obviously it was only Martyn's fault, because he was the only one in the car who was XY chromosomed. Oh, and he was trying to show off to his skanky girlfriend. And do you want to know what the guy screamed at Martyn? "WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF MY ASS?" The entire group was rather amused, and Spam drove out of the little space that her Neon Motor Carriage could squeeze out of. Hah, the red truck guy underestimated the power of Compact Motor Carriages! And he estimated the power of Martyn's Magic Picture Box, which allowed for instant smearing all over the "INTER NET."


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Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 10)

Also turning out from Family Harvest Cult was a red truck, with a stupid guy and his skanky girlfriend inside. However, they had come there to experience it as Cultees, not as Amused Onlookers. Martyn decided it would be entertaining to take photographs of them as they pulled up along Spam's Motor Carriage. He did not seem to be very amused with it, as can be seen in this picture that he did not know was going to be smeared all over the "INTER NET." These are the same picture, just with one shown in on Zoomed In mode. Yes.


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