Thou Shall Eat One (1) Potato Daily.
Thou Shall Use Sunblock. (SPF 100).
Thou Shall Present Thyself In Manner Similar to Conan.
Thou Shall Cut Someone If They Mess With Your Ho.
Thou Shall Continually Torment Kathy Lee Gifford.
Thou Shall Bow To Max Weinberg.
Thou Shall Scream "AN-DEE" Whenever One Enters Or Exits A Public Area.
Thou Shall Not Make Fun Of NBC Public Service Announcements..For Me To Poop On!
Thou Shall Rename Any Pets In Thy Household "Conan", "Andy", Or "Maxwell".
Thou Shall Watch (Or Tape) Late Night With Conan O'Brien For All Eternity.

Billy Corgan is an extreme Conanist, as you can see.

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