The altar: your source for the church's favorite multimedia files. They are like small gifts from God to You. MP3's, wav files, even a crappy game. And, now that it's all on one server, everything is guaranteed to work, or your money back! Oh wait, this is all free, and TV is free too.. Conanism is tons cheaper than THESE bastards! Anyhow, more files will be added after I get everything up and running.. you know.. lah tee dah. Enjoy.

The Game.

An interactive and slightly exciting graphical game in which you shoot Kathie Lee Gifford and try to avoid shooting Andy. I made this with Visual Basic 3 back when I was 12. It really sucks. I'm serious. But it's one of those things that you might actually play a few times. I am taking C++ now, hopefully soon I will be able to roll out a more involved adventure game of some sort. Yay.

Wav Files.

Yes, I know a lot of people have sites with "Late Night" wav files on them, but I use these a lot for sound associations in Windows. Whee. They aren't zipped. To listen to them through your browser, just click on the link. To save it without listening, hold down shift while clicking on it.
"Monkey Bite Conan!" Conan had some animal guy on his show and he was holding a bit him.
"'Cause I'm A Nerd." Conan was talking about reading newspapers in his monologue, and according to him, he's a nerd. In that case, we're ALL nerds.
One of my favorite Conan *rowls*.
"A Sick Exotic Bird Parade!" Conan is introducing the "Sick Exotic Bird Parade" from the infamous kid's show. Makes a good startup sound.
"Those Were Some Sick Birds..." Andy says that while the birds are leaving..And this is my Windows Shutdown sound.
Andy's KFC Commercial. Whee!


Mpeg 3's are sound files. They're just wav files, compressed about 20 times. The reason they're so popular is because the files are relatively small, but still high quality. I would suggest getting Winamp to play these. It's free, you know. - Remember when Conan and Andy did that one sketch about their old careers? And they were playing a hippie song about a room full of KKK members? Definately a song for Conanists. This one is stereo quality, and about half a meg. - Ok..All Conanists should know this one. Conan did a remote in Houston and he played this on his acoustic guitar for those poor, deprived, non-Conanists. This one is also stereo quality, and about half a meg. - It's Max rapping to please local NBC affiliates. It's not quite stereo quality, but it sounds pretty good. - This one...It's the greatest. It's when Conan, Andy, Max, and Propmaster Bobby went and performed "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zepplin. It's about 1 mb. This one is not stereo, sorry. If I get a faster computer that can record long stereo wav files, I'll update it.

If files on this page do not work, please email me so that I can attempt to poke at them and fix.

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